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Creating content can get complicated and expensive. That is why we created StoryBites! The fun new and cost effective way to create personal content for your brand. We achieve this by creating a library of personal footage dedicated for your brand to reuse and repurpose how ever you'd like. Giving you almost endless amount of content. This stock footage library will be grown each month so you don't have to worry about staying up to date on hiring a Videographer. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how StoryBites works!

Content Creation Has Never Been Easier

  • Basic Plan

    Every month
    The start to creating a personalized library of footage.
    • 2 Hour Video Shoot
    • 25 - 5 to 15 second clips
  • Professional Plan

    Every month
    Great for established brands who want videos that convert
    • 4 Hour Video Shoot
    • 25 - 5 to 15 second video clips
    • 30 Second Edited video
    • 15 Second Edited video
    • Vision Extraction Meeting
  • Director's Plan

    Every month
    Perfect to grow and increase brand visibility and trust.
    • 4 Hour Video Shoot
    • 25 - 5 to 15 second video clips
    • 2 - 30 Second Edited video
    • 2 - 15 Second Edited video
    • Vision Extraction Meeting

How Storybites Works

Step Process

  • First, as part of our onboarding process, you'll meet with one of our vision extractors for a free consultation.

  • After choosing the right plan for you, there will be a second meeting called the vision extraction meeting where we evaluate where your brand is at and what kind of content it could benefit from the most. This vision extraction meeting will be on a monthly basis.

  • Next, we schedule your date for production. Note, locations, set design, actors/talents, and props can all be add-ons to the price at any given moment. 

  • Production day! We shoot your content within a 4 hour window. Using our StoryBites shot list, our videographers know what shots they need to get along with camera movements in order to get that Moneta De Sine quality. There are 25 shots in the shot list that will be captured. 

  • Once production is done, the editors work on color grading the clips, trimming them and removing the audio so that it can be ready to be added into your growing library of footage.

  • The footage can be found in your personal Dropbox drive that we provide or we also recommend buying a hard drive where all the footage can be backed up and stored for future use.

Are You unique? 

Let's Customize your plan to fit your business needs. For example, need more commercials, social media ads, marketing videos, or would like more graphic design done. 

Book a meeting with us to get a custom quote and start creating now!

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