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Branding in 2021

"If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you"

- Zig Ziglar

It's important to understand that Branding is an umbrella term composed of 2 parts. First part is the companies image. A companies brand is tied directly to their image first and foremost. Business card, logo, mission statement, product packaging, website, funnels, social media posts; all of these things are tied together to create a companies image. This is what makes the first impression to a new customer. There needs to be a cohesive strategy that ties everything together. Color scheme and font type should be consistent across all platforms, the overall style of the graphics should be consistent. If a customer comes to a website and they see 10 different fonts, random colors across the site, it puts your company in a very grey area. A customer would be more hesitant to buy a product from you if your company doesn't look like its well put together. A cohesive image gives a customer a subconscious feeling that the company is more professional. The customer trusts the company because the image is complete and appears trusting to the customer. That translates to them spending their hard earned dollars with you and not your competitor.

This all starts with your mission and vision statements. Now, you might think mission and vision are the same thing but they are actually very different. A companies mission statement is the reason they are in business, what does your company stand for? The vision statement is where a company sees themselves in the future; 5 year and 10 year goals. You'll find a lot of these things all tie together when building a business. Once you realize what your why is, you build things around that.

Next we look at your logo. Logos need to convey your mission statement. the font and colors you use all have underlying messages. Walmart uses reds and orange around prices so its easier for the customer to find. They put their associates in blue so they blend in. Blue is calming, peaceful, oranges evoke decision making, purples demand respect. The colors demand certain emotions and when tied with specific fonts can make people feel a certain type of way. This can tie into the mission and vision statements. If your goal is to help customers more money and be successful maybe you throw a splash of green in your logo as green signifies success. Now when you have a base color we can reference the color wheel to see what colors compliment each other properly. Color science is extremely important to providing a professional image.